The Beacon School seeks to enroll a broad range of children who will benefit from the approaches to learning which the school offers. Admission of children to The Beacon School is based on a clear set of guidelines, with the intention of ensuring that each child who is admitted is placed in an environment in which the child may experience success:

  • 1.  Students admitted to Beacon will be placed in classes according to their age at the beginning of the school year. Please see Age-Grade Level Placement Information for details.
  • 2.  For any school year, places will be offered from Kindergarten to Grade Eight, subject to available space. Class size is limited to 16 students for K – Grade 3, 17 students for Grades 4 - 5 and 20 students for Grades 6 – 8.
  • 3.  Additional services are available to students whose needs can be met by our team of reading and learning support specialists. Limits are placed on the number of English as a Second Language and / or special needs students within any one section.
  • 4.  Once grade level sections are filled, prospective students who otherwise meet Beacon’s admissions requirements, will be placed on a waitlist. They will have the opportunity of joining the school once an opening arises, subject to Admissions Guidelines.
  • 5.  New students are typically admitted at the beginning of a school term. However, in the first six weeks of the school year,depending on availability, prospective students may be accepted with a view towards an immediate start. Subsequently, exceptions may also be made for mid-term enrolment of students from families who have recently moved to Manila.
  • 6.  During the school year, admissions will be accepted up until the beginning of the Third Term for placement during that school year.
  • 7.  Decisions made by the Admissions Committee on acceptance for enrolment, and grade level placement, are final.