Procedures for Admissions and Re-Enrolment

Applications for prospective students who are seeking admission will be reviewed on a rolling basis, subject to Admissions Guidelines.

Introductory Tour

Parents of prospective students are welcome to visit the Beacon School and receive an introductory tour. You are encouraged to contact the school in advance so that an appointment may be made. During the tour we will provide you an overview of the admissions process and with information about the school to help you assess whether Beacon is the right school for your child.  A packet of application forms will also be given to you during the tour.

Submission of Application Documents

To formalize your child’s application to the Beacon School, please complete and submit the application forms and required documents found in the admissions packet to the Admissions Office.  These documents can also be downloaded from our website. An Application Fee of Php 2500 is payable with the submission of all completed documents.

Sit-in Visit

After a review of all application materials and if there is an available slot in the grade level which your child would enter, the prospective student will be invited to come to school for a "sit-in" pre-entry visit. This visit will take place at the level applied for unless the Admissions Committee determines that the visit should be at an alternative grade level. The duration will be the length of the school day at that level.

The sit-in is a requirement for admissions and will help the Admissions Committee determine whether there is a good fit between the applicant and the school’s program and, in cases when the child has special needs, if the school has the resources necessary to support the child to succeed.

Academic Testing and Interview

All applicants will have an interview with the Guidance Counselor. Students applying for Grades 4-8 will be tested in Math and English, and write an essay to establish academic readiness.  These students will complete these assessments during the sit-in visit.

Interview with Parent(s)

In some cases, following the sit-in visit, an interview is arranged with the parent(s) of the prospective student together with the grade level coordinator and the Dean of School.

Offers of Placement and Acceptance

Once the prospective student has had a sit-in visit, interview and has been tested (if appropriate), the application will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee, and a space may be offered.

Offers for the following school year will generally be made by early March. Should ample space be available at a grade level, then earlier offers may be made.

Decisions made by the Admissions Committee on acceptance for enrolment, and grade level placement, are final.

Once a place is offered, the reservation fee is payable by the date indicated in the letter of offer, in order to secure the place.

Re- enrolment of Returning Students

The Beacon School is committed to support each individual student’s success, and their ability to contribute to the success of others. Providing that an existing student remains in "good standing", then the student will be able to retain a place for each succeeding school year.“Good standing” refers to both academic proficiency and behavior in accordance with the school’s Code of Conduct.

For returning students, the Returning Students Fee must be paid by the date advised by the Board of Trustees.  Payment of the reservation fee guarantees a space for your child(ren) for the following academic year.

Please see Tuition, Fees, Deposits documents for further details.