Fun Facts


As The Beacon School celebrated its 10th year anniversary in 2011, it collected these fun facts published in our anniversary book,  Beacon@10 Life as We've Lived it:
  1. When Beacon School opened in June 2001, 47 students trooped to their classrooms. Ten years later, 292 Beacon kids entered theirs.
  2. By the time a Beacon student finishes the Primary and Middle Years Programmes, he or she will have made around 54 school projects, 198 artworks, and 47 essays.
  3. Since it opened in 2001, the Beacon cafeteria has served approximately 122,400 lunches.
  4. 135 figures from history, science and technology, culture and the arts, sports and politics have been featured since the Night of the Notables was first held in 2003.
  5. A Beacon student has about 6,105 square meters of space to run around in the campus.
  6. Mango, coconut palms, and acacia are only some of the trees you can see on the campus grounds.
  7. Like to read?  Go ahead:  there are 19,873 titles in the Beacon Library!
  8. Beacon School is officially part of Barangay Fort Bonifacio -- one of the 28 barangays in the Philippine city of Taguig.
  9. A Beacon student is part of a bigger global community - the world of International Baccalaureate (IB) schools. Beacon is one of 459 IB schools in Asia and the Pacific, along with 808 IB schools in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, 1,531 in North America, and 301 in Latin America.
  10. When a Beacon student is starting classes at 7:40 am in the morning, a student in an IB school in Winnipeg, Canada in North America is getting ready to sleep!