Guidance Counseling

The Beacon School comprehensive guidance programme provides numerous services to equip its students with the tools they need to succeed, fulfill their own potential and prepare them for life’s challenges. Counseling remains as the heart of the program. Individual and group counseling assists students in self-understanding, self – acceptance, goal setting, informed decision making and responsible, productive behavior. Guidance classes are part of the curriculum in which Guidance Counselors explore topics such as communication, empathy, sensitivity, conflict resolution, time management and motivation with each grade level. Testing services are provided once a year in order to monitor the cognitive development of the students using the International Schools’ Assessment (ISA).

For the new sixth graders, an orientation is provided to introduce the Middle Years Programme to them and help ease the transition from the Primary Years Programme. Workshops are given to students, parents, and teachers during the course of the school year on topics such as cyber safety and pastoral care.

The guidance programmes also allows for consultation, referral and placement services.The Guidance Programme is central to Beacon's Pastoral Care Programme, taken as a whole school responsibility engaging students, parents and all staff members in maintaining the school’s positive ethos. The essence of the pastoral care system is to promote the moral, social, and personal development of all students. The way we treat, talk to, interact with and teach our students will all contribute to the quality of our pastoral care. The aims of a strong Pastoral Care programme are to: prevent personal and academic problems from arising;better prepare students in dealing with different pressures and problems;raise the standards of behavior in school; lead to higher academic performance; and improve the morale of all stakeholders.

Guidance Counselors foster a supportive relationship with students. The Counselor is available to talk with both students and parents about adjustment to school, personal matters or any other concerns or issues. Guidance Counselors advocate for the student and will provide any assistance the student may need to feel safe, become successful, and be nurtured during their years at The Beacon School. There are many reasons for the student and even the parent to visit the Guidance Counselor including:Difficulties in class work and/or teacher conflicts Help in talking to your teacher Help in working on or solving a problem with friends or family Help in decision-makingHelp in talking to your parents or to your child Reviewing school records Help in learning more about your interests and abilitiesTalking to someone with an understanding ear At The Beacon School, Guidance Counselors work collaboratively with students, teachers, and parents, to support the holistic development of its students.