Student Learning Services

The Beacon School implements the Primary Years Programme and Middle Years Programme (Kindergarten to Grade 8) in an inclusive manner, recognizing that students bring with them a range of diverse learning characteristics and varying academic abilities.

Students with special educational needs (SEN) are admitted given that their learning needs are documented by an external psychologist or other qualified specialists and that these can be supported within the range of provisions available through the Student Learning Services at the Beacon School.

Under the guidance of the Student Learning Services Coordinator, the SLS team includes special education teachers, reading and learning specialists.

Working from a team based approach, an Accommodation Plan or an Individual Education Plan (IEP) is created and implemented to ensure that students, who require different teaching and assessment, receive intervention and reasonable accommodations, and are engaged in the programme to the fullest extent possible. The team collaborates with the student’s parents, classroom teachers and specialists as they address the student’s unique learning needs.

During the school year, we have regular consultations with teachers, parents, guidance counselors and other related service professionals. We conduct student study team meetings to review progress made towards specific goals as well as to make necessary adjustments in the plan.

As the unique learning requirements of a student may emerge anytime during their school life, the SLS team also helps to identify those students who may benefit from an evaluation by an external educational psychologist or other related service professionals.