Information Technology Services


Beacon School programmes are supported by Information Technology (IT) policies and services that support 21st century learning. The aims of the IT programme are to expose students to the responsible use of technology to enhance learning.

In the Primary Years Programme, homeroom teachers integrate technology into the curriculum for units of inquiry. Students learn how to layout, create podcasts and videos, and analyze survey results, among a range of skills through available software programs. They also conduct research online, think critically about reliable information, and cite online sources appropriately.

In the Middle Years Programme, Information Technology, while offered as a separate course, is also integrated into the curricular aims of other disciplines. Students continue to build on skills acquired in PYP.

Information Technology hardware and software systems support 21st century learning at Beacon.  A secured WiFi network enables safe wireless access to data and information. All classrooms are equipped with computers. In addition, the school has two computer labs equipped with Windows and Mac computers.

Educational software that provide educational support are accessible. An online Learning Management System (ManageBac) provides 24-accessibility to classroom resources like assignments, discussions and projects.

More computers in our Media Center provides additional support for student research. Subscriptions to online databases and information are enabled  through EBSCOHost and World Book online.

Internet security is critical to ensure the protection of our IT system, but moreso to  safeguard the online safety of our students. Harmful sites are blocked. Students are also  prevented from accessing social media.  

Online research is supported by a dedicated leased line Internet connection with a redundant DSL line.