Sports After School

The co - curricular sports programmess at Beacon, like our K to 8 IB Physical Education courses, aim to promote health and fitness, teamwork, fair competition, leadership, responsibility, self-discipline, safety, and enjoyment through recreation. To enhance the educational experience of students, Beacon School offers a variety of developmentally appropriate sports programs after school: basketball, soccer, tennis, wall climbing, volleyball, gymnastics, and taekwondo. A choice of sports is offered to all children at all grade levels, though we do not provide all sports at all grade levels. Beacon participates in league play for some sports, in so far as it is compatible with our philosophy and resources. We also work to support students’ involvement in sports and recreation at clubs and other community programs.

Beacon sports seek to:

  1. foster and enhance the principles of fair play through healthy competition;
  2. develop and promote lifelong physical fitness; and
  3. introduce and encourage the value of team work and the importance of self-discipline, leadership, responsibility and safety as individual contributions toward team efforts.