Student Leadership

The Beacon School recognizes that demonstrating leadership takes place in countless ways inside and outside the classroom. Part of the ethos of the school is to cultivate an awareness within each student of the difference they can make by their attitudes and actions at Beacon and within the broader community. With the expectation that they see themselves as agents of change, each student is provided with an understanding of the elements of leadership within the range of our curricular and co-curricular programmes.

Beacon also provides opportunities to students for formal and traditional leadership roles. Sulo, the MYP yearbook is a collaborative effort of students under the leadership of its editor-in-chief, a student selected by the publication's faculty advisor. Governance positions are available for students to serve as House Captains, with representatives from both PYP and MYP as well as MYP Student Council officers and class representatives. To support them in their roles, students are guided by a team of faculty advisors. During workshops they discover their leadership styles and learn strategies to overcome the challenges that come with leadership.