The House System

The House System at Beacon began when the school was founded.  K - 8 students belong to one of three houses represented by one of three native Filipino trees:  Acacia, Molave, or Narra.  Siblings at Beacon are placed in the same house.   Each house is also symbolized by a different color, Acacia, blue,  Molave, red, and Narra, green.

The aim of the house system is to help foster a close - knit community within the school.  It integrates students vertically to provide opportunities for them to collaborate and socialize with students from other grade levels.   School-wide initiatives are organized and delivered through the house system, whether service projects, spirit weeks, special celebrations, or friendly competitions.  This year, the houses have adopted a buddy system;  every student is paired with another student of a different grade level within the same house.

Each house earns points throughout the year on the basis of their contribution and effort towards specific projects and activities. At the end of the year, the house with the most points is acknowledged and honored at a school-wide assembly.