Special Events

On Field Day, the entire school community, student, parents, faculty, and staff, gather to celebrate the founding of The Beacon School. During Field Day, community members grouped by their houses, pour their enthusiasm and talent into friendly competitions. Field Day presents an opportunity to reinforce school community life, celebrate the past, and  envision the school's future. Some Field Day traditions have been carefully thought out. Others have emerged spontaneously, and are equally protected over the years. For example:  One Beacon Mom recalls that one thing "introduced in the second or third Field Day... is the watermelon eating contest which happened because we saw this poor guy pushing a watermelon cart in [Fort] Bonifacio and [my husband] felt sorry for him. So we bought about 12 watermelons from the guy, brought them to the field in Bonifacio and had an impromptu watermelon eating contest." - excerpt from Beacon@10 Life as We've Lived it

Each year, The Beacon School organizes special curricular weeks that engage the entire learning community to focus on a particular theme. 

In Term 1, K - 8 students celebrate Filipino Week, and focus exclusively on Filipino language, customs, and history. While this curriculum strand is considered throughout the year, during this week, it becomes the primary focus for all students.  

In Term 2, Bookabunga! brings together all students to celebrate literacy and learning. A focus on high-quality literature and other reading materials anchors the week's activities including book fairs, trivia quizzes, and awards for good library citizenship.

In Term 3, Science Week allows K - 8 students to immerse themselves in the scientific method and inquiry as it relates to many aspects of their lives. The week's activities allow scientific exploration through experiments, competitions for group and individual science projects, and a focus on honing scientific skills. From understanding through the lenses of the microscope, the telescope, and the naked eye, students celebrate scientific learning.