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From Beacon@10 Life as We’ve Lived it



  • “A beacon is a source of light or fire that serves as a signal, a warning, or a guide and that is exactly what Beacon School has been to me and my classmates.” - Isabel, Class of 2010
  • “Beacon taught me that there is no correct way of thinking because you can always question the answers.” - Joaquin, Class of 2007
  • “Beacon is a place where we can find success stories in the little folds of our everyday lives.” - Gabriella, Class of 2009




  • “I wanted to put my son in a school that was small enough for good supervision, one that made him feel part of a close-knit community, and one that would allow him to think out of the box.” - Mrs. Maya S, mother of a Gr 3 student
  • “I love Beacon because it has instilled in my children a love for learning and gives them the confidence to believe in themselves and their ability to achieve anything they set their minds to.  They are comfortable in foreign situations and with people of difference backgrounds and cultures.  The school’s curriculum, strengthened by the presence of different nationalities of students and faculty, has successfully opened our children’s minds to allow them to become true global citizens. - Mrs Celine A, mother of Gr 5 & Gr 8 students
  • “[Having transferred from a different school…] I noticed a change in my sons’ attitude towards school the very first day.  They were excited about their lessons.  The dinner table was alive with conversations about Michaelangelo, cave men, etc. But Beacon wasn’t just great for my kids. It was great for me. Working with the Beacon Parents Association (BPA) and other parents, I have met so many wonderful people. I always look forward to the meetings, the bake sales, the lunches. I have made many new friends . . . like an extended family.” - Mrs Melissa E, mother of Gr 5 & Gr 8 students



10 Reasons Why Teaching in Beacon is a JOY


  1. I can re-live my childhood. It feels like NEVERLAND.
  2. It’s the only school I know that encourages kids to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the world.
  3. We’re free to think of ways to execute a concept or lesson. People here think OUT OF THE BOX.
  4. In Beacon, EVERYONE LEARNS (including the teachers).
  5. Because of the great sense of COMMUNITY SPIRIT, Because the children in this school are educated in a way in which they are allowed to grow and develop uniquely, with a LOVE FOR LEARNING.
  6. The only place I know that nurtures an atmosphere of friendship, PROFESSIONALISM, fun and EXCELLENCE!
  7. In Beacon, learning occurs amidst LOVE AND LAUGHTER.
  8. I believe Beacon is a TRAILBLAZER in the field of education.
  9. Here, we have the freedom to be different, yet still grounded in VALUES.
  10. It’s been HOME for ten years.



Letters of Appreciation to Staff

When Nicholas, then a third grader, left, he gave Glode a letter.


  • “Hindi ko maalala yung nakasulat … pero hindi ko malilimutan si Nicholas. Doon ako na-touch … na ganito pala ako kamahal ng mga bata dito.”