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Beacon Parent Association (BPA)

The BPA is an active association of Beacon parents who serve the school by initiating and assisting with school-wide events including Family Fun Day, International Food Fair,Filipino Week, bake sales, Christmas holiday festivities, and charity drives.  BPA also provides an essential communication link between the parent community and the Beacon School Leadership   Team, offering constructive input on a wide range of school-wide issues: school uniforms, canteen service, student behavior, school traditions, premises, and school climate. Finally, BPA hosts fund-raising activities in support of school-improvement initiatives.

Room Parents

Parent volunteers represent each class from K – Grade 5 and each homeroom section for Grades 6 – 8.  The role of the Room Parent is to serve as liaison between the teacher and the parents in their section for communication about and support for special events, field trips, and special class celebrations.   Like officers of the BPA, room parents also serve as an essential communication link between parents and the Leadership Team on school-wide issues.

Parent Volunteers

Beacon parents have opportunities to be engaged in the Beacon School learning community in numerous ways throughout the academic year; they serve as resource speakers, join field trips, facilitate hands-on learning experiences, and provide technical assistance to teachers and the Leadership Team members in their areas of expertise such as film or languages.