The Beacon School Kindergarten programme is based on the I.B. Primary Years Programme. It encourages a positive and active learning approach through which children construct meaning from experience. Our programme is geared towards fostering the attitudes which are fundamental to the Primary Years Programme, and towards laying the foundations for the development of the characteristics of the PYP Student Profile.

We believe that early experiences, and appropriate effective early childhood education, influence and foster positive attitudes towards learning. We understand that much learning occurs in a social context, and that our very young learners construct meaning from experience about the social and physical world in which they live. Therefore, we provide opportunities and create experiences which are challenging yet appropriate, considering the abilities, interests and learning styles of each of our young learners. Such activities include play, music and movement, and creative arts.

Our classroom environment promotes social and emotional growth, providing warm, nurturing and secure teacher-child-family relationships. Our programme endeavours to celebrate and guide our very young learners' energies, fantasies and intense curiosity, allowing them to engage with the world directly and interactively. We constantly work towards a balance between adult direction and child-initiated activities, from moment to moment, and from child to child, developing engagement and concepts which build the foundations for future growth.