Middle Years Programme

At Grades Six, Seven and Eight, our programme is based on, and follows, the IB Middle Years Programme. This programme builds on the Primary Years Programme, as it embraces the concepts of intercultural awareness, holistic or integrated learning, and communication.

Like the Primary Years Programme, the MYP is based on the best practice and research from around the world. Its structure is based on eight distinct subject areas, enhanced by the fundamental concepts described above, and by the areas of interaction which bind the programme together. The subjects studied at The Beacon School include English, Humanities, Science, Mathematics, Mandarin, Spanish, Art, Music, Drama, Physical Education and Technology. At Middle School level too,  students continue their study of the Filipino language. Grade 6 and 7 students choose between Religious Education and World Religion; Grade 8 students take a course in Ethics.

The areas of interaction which permeate each subject area and provide realistic contexts for learning are the Approaches to Learning, Community and Service, Health and Social Education, Human Ingenuity and Environments.

In addition to the I.B. Middle Years curriculum, each year a range of special events occurs. This year, these events, which are usually transdisciplinary in nature, include Filipino Week, International Week, the Christmas Holiday Celebration, and a Science Week, as well as a continuing focus on books.

A full program of after school activities and sport is available for all students.

In summary, we believe that our Middle School curriculum is rich, well-balanced and exciting for our students. It is, too, an excellent preparation for the rigours of High School.

For a comprehensive guide to our MYP Curriculum, please click here.


For information about the regulations that guide the agreement between the International Baccalaureate
Organization and schools authorized to deliver the MYP, please click here.